Reader Tip: Use Shift-Arrow to set start and end points

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love the keyboard shortcuts in iMovie '09. Michael Avory sent me this tip on using Shift and the arrow keys to mark start and end points of a clip while you are editing. I love the trick because if I am being slow and methodical about selecting a particular range of footage, I don't have to keep holding my mouse button down as I drag. It also works great because it means you can select footage during playback, no dragging required.

Anyway, take a moment to try out Michael's great tip:

Here is a tip for setting IN/OUT points that might interest you:

Make sure clip is not selected (no yellow frame). Play/drag to IN-point (pause), hit shift + left arrow (IN is marked) Play/drag to OUT-point (pause), shift + left arrow and the clip is selected from IN to OUT. To select a portion of clip up to a specific point: play/drag to point, hit shift+left arrow, place cursor at start of clip, shift + left arrow and the clip is selected up to your first chosen point.

These are very useful for editing clips to the beat of a music track, etc.

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