Quick Tip: Some things about markers

Since chapter markers made a comeback in iMovie '09, there hasn't been much discussion on the Web about them. This may be due to the fact that Apple got the implementation just right. Well, if you aren't totally satisfied with chapter markers in iMovie '09, here are some observations:

• Markers are an Advanced Tool. If markers aren't there and you don't know why, open the iMovie preferences and check this box:
Once the Marker tray shows up, you want to drag the orange blobs with the arrow inside them. Those are chapter markers.

• Navigate in your project with the markers menu. For long projects, this is really nice. If you click on the arrow just right of the marker tray, you can choose any of your comment or chapter markers to jump to that point in your project. Also, this is a great way to review the names of your chapters before heading to iDVD.
• Chapter markers work on any marker-speaking device. This means mostly anything that speaks chapters, like an Apple TV, will understand the markers you set in iMovie.

• Markers stick to the clip, not to the spot. If you want a chapter marker to show up at a certain point in a song, then move the clip under the marker, the marker moves with the clip. In most cases you want the marker to stick to the clip, but this is still a good thing to know. Comment markers also stick to clips.

• Put a chapter at the start to avoid the automatic "Beginning" marker. If you don't place your own chapter marker at the start of your movie, iDVD creates its own chapter called "Beginning." Placing your own chapter there tells iDVD not to use its own.
Some people have experienced problems when inserting their own chapter marker at the beginning. If your chapters aren't appearing in iDVD, delete the marker at the beginning and share to iDVD again. Once in iDVD, you can manually rename the "Beginning" chapter that iDVD created.
Also, if your chapters aren't showing up in a Quicktime export, be sure to check the "Fast Start" box.
• Comment markers are great for collaborating. If you're migrating your project from one computer to another for someone else to work, comment markers (the brown ones) are great for noting important points for the second editor to remember.

If you have anything you want to add, please email me or leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

My chapters aren't showing up in a quicktime export but where do I find that "Fast Start"-box??

Anonymous said...

Is there any way at all to fix the Beginning chapter appearing at the beginning of a movie? I understand the fix of renaming the Beginning chapter in iDVD but I also want to use each of my movies without exporting them into iDVD. Hopefully, Apple will take note of this bug and fix it it in an application update. Is there any work around?

Peter Vagt said...

If you can't get iDVD to recognize the Chapters you set up in iMovie '09, CHECK out the "preferences" tab in iDVD.

In iMovie '06 I was used to the smooth transition from iMovie to iDVD with marked chapters carrying over to set up my DVD with menu pages.

I upgraded to iMovie '09 and the Chapter markers I set up in iMovie would not show up on iDVD menus no matter what I tried.

After 2 frustrating weeks, I noticed the "preferences" command in iDVD and discovered I could toggle Chapter menus on and off - and somehow my upgrade had installed with Chapters toggled OFF.

Drake scott said...

uh what are the comment markers for?

Anonymous said...

i still cant get chapters i added in imovie to show up when i transfer the file to idvd - I've changed the setting in preferences to "create chapter submenus" and still nothing is happening.

I cant honestly be expected to send all my footage through to idvd again??


Anonymous said...

Where do I find the "fast start checkbox" you mention? Are you talking about iDVD?

Prior to renaming (or better "naming") chapter markers I did not have any problems. Since I started to give them meaningful names, chapters don't show up anymore. Even when I restart all over again. Within iMovie everything looks fine and I also get the list of chapters next to the marker icon. My first attempt still nicely shows all chapters (also when playing with quicktime).

Thank you for your help!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to remove/delete comment and chapter markers. I am old PC users and still trying to get use to MACs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To remove a chapter marker, select it and press the 'Backspace' key.

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Anonymous said...

I just Upgrade to iDVD '09, from iMovie I did share to iDVD, discovered that iDVD put content into 1st box (under DVD Map) and assumes you want to have the movie to auto start on disc insertion. So I just selected the 1st box, dragged it off to the side which empties it and leaves you with grey box, then the chapter marks were available (assuming you also have chapter marks turned on under preferences).

It's been awhile since I've used imovie & iDVD, so I may be using the wrong steps to get content to iDVD, since no content is available to add into drop zones when I did share to iDVD, I'm thinking I may have to share to MediaBrowser 1st to have it available once I get to iDVD.

Anonymous said...

How do I remove comment markers?

Anonymous said...

How about this one? After adding chapter markers to my iMovie project (12 chapters or scenes), I get a "Multiplexing Error" in iDVD at the end of the burn. The project successfully exports to iDVD and I can see all of the different scenes in the menu. If I remove the chapter markers in iMovie and then export to iDVD again, it works okay.

I have read that you shouldn't use anything other than alphanumeric characters in the chapter titles and you shouldn't put the chapter markers near transitions or at the beginning of clips. I've made sure to follow that advice and tried everything else but still no luck. Does anybody have any advice?

Anonymous said...

Why can't someone give a definitive answer about the "muxing" or "multiplexing" error you get when sharing an IMovie 09 movie with chapter markers to IDVD? The DVD looks like it is working perfectly, until you actually try to BURN it, then it takes a couple of hours to tell you about the muxing error and give you nothing. I have had to go back to doing all final processing in IMovieHD (06) just so I can get a DVD with chapter markers so I can skip through it quickly. Apple seems to be silent on this.