iMovie for iPhone: It's going to be big.

iMovie community, I hope your bathrooms are clean and that your fridge is well stocked. You're about to get some new move-ins. With the introduction of iMovie for iPhone, Apple is welcoming millions of new iMovie users, in one fell swoop.

Two things make this a really big deal:
  • Millions of people who've never used iMovie before will be using the iPhone version by the end of the month. That's just plain amazing. I hope Randy Ubillos and the iMovie team realize how cool this is.
  • Apple is pushing the iOS to new heights. Putting the iWork apps on the iPad was a good first step, but iMovie on the iPhone is mini revolution. iMovie has always been one of Apple's flagship products, a hallmark of what makes the Mac great. I still remember my 1999 iMac DV, which came with iMovie preinstalled. It was a pivotal moment that laid the groundwork for the YouTube generation.
That Apple figured out a simple, but capable way to put iMovie on an iPhone marks another big change: the day when the iOS is no longer just a way to surf the web and play $.99 games. It's a big move from enjoying stuff to making stuff.

(The iWork apps for the iPad are impressive, no doubt, but people have been doing office document stuff on phones and PDAs for a while now. Great looking personal video is a whole new level of stuff to make.)

I was one of the lucky 600,000 people who got an iPhone preorder in before Apple started pushing back shipping dates. (Who'd have thought that being one of over half a million people made you lucky?) That means I'll be sharing tips, tricks, and thoughts about iMovie for iPhone as soon as it's available.

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