New Book! iMovie for iOS: the touchGUIDE

I'm happy to announce my new book on iMovie for the iPhone and iPod Touch, available now in Apple's iBooks store. The book only costs $3.99 and covers all kinds of cool things you can do with the portable version of iMovie, including:
  • * How to import videos for editing *on* your iPhone or iPod, including videos from YouTube, DVD, and iMovie for the Mac.
  • * Audio tricks like working around the one-song limit in iMovie or narrating a voiceover track.
  • * Detailed advice for shooting the best videos and photos with your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • * Advice on sharing your movies in just about every way you'd want to share them, including burning to DVD and posting on other video websites like Vimeo.
I'll post some excerpts from the book, but if you're ready to pick up a copy now, visit this link using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

PS - We did a bunch of stuff under the hood to make reading the book incredibly pleasant, things we haven't seen any other iBooks publishers doing. For example, we used custom stylesheets for the iPad and iPhone to optimize the way the book displays on both devices. We also made plenty of great looking captions, sidebars, and images like you'd expect for any great how-to manual.

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Anonymous said...

It seems not available? Is it already in the ibook store?